Our Story

Hello and thanks for stopping by! We are the creators of DropLess Plate™. This silicone suction plate with a utensil attachment was an idea that became a reality after years of playing the “Dropping Game” with our two kids. With DropLess Plate™, spoon falls…but not on the floor!

At dinnertime, we found that it was always a challenge for our then toddlers to keep their fork or spoon on their highchair table. It became a constant challenge to pick up every dropped utensil, wipe or wash it, or hand a new one to them. Mealtimes were often filled with anxiety and frustration, while our back muscles became sore from the constant “pick-up” movement. We often thought, “How can we appease our little ones, have them feed themselves, and not break our backs at the same time?” That’s when we decided to create a solution to our everyday problem. With that, DropLess Plate™ was born.

(We went through many prototypes!)

In the three years of designing and developing DropLess Plate™, we wanted not only a silicone plate that would prevent utensils from falling to the floor, but also a plate that would be safe, functional, and purposeful for all parents. It was early 2019 when we searched for a plate with handles and an attachment, but there were none. So we took some initiative, drew up our ideas, purchased silicone and plastic plates, created holes on the sides and attached pacifier clips to them- thinking it would hold a spoon. After a few months of trial and error, we had a concept design that fit both of our needs. Andrew’s must haves were streamlined handles on each side, with an attachment that had a clip on one end that easily slipped on and off in less than a second. Chastain’s must haves were deep sections with rounded corners and a really strong suction base (since our toddler was very strong). Along with that we both wanted a utensil attachment that would fit many baby spoons and forks and allowed a parent to easily slip on and off.

You’ll find that we focused a lot on the safety and durability of DropLess Plate™. It’s made of 100% food grade silicone and free of harmful toxins. This is a plate that we’ve had our then toddler, who is now a preschooler, use time and time again. Plus, it’s easy to just pop into the microwave to warm up food, then throw into the dishwasher when done- plate and utensil attachment in all. The best part of all this is not having dropped utensils any longer! We hope that DropLess Plate™ will be a game changer in your family mealtime moments as it has been for ours. May your little ones focus on their meals and drop less!